Home Vet Nurse offers a range of services designed to maintain the health and wellbeing of pets including dogs, cats, rabbits and birds among many others.

The company also offers services to help actual pet owners such as dog walking and pet sitting to help them balance their busy schedules.

In short, Home Vet Nurse can assist with all elements of pet care to help both the animals themselves and indeed their owners. We will be adding lots more content to this website over the coming months so please revisit the site to keep abreast of the many ways we can help you look after your pets.

Dog Walking

Many people own dogs or would like to own dogs but work all day. Dogs need a walk every day and Home Vet Nurse can take care of this for you. Home Vet Nurse offers a dedicated dog walking service for dog owners who cannot walk their dogs due to work commitments, illness or time restraints.

Dogs are walked on or off lead with a maximum of 6 at one time. They will be taken on beautiful walks in the local parks, woods or beaches. All dogs will be matched up accordingly.

Being registered with a pet walker may help your application for a rescue dog if you work full time.

Your Dog will be given a free assessment prior to being walked.

Available as 1-hour group walk or 30 min group walk.

Monthly dog treks. Give your dog a treat. A full day out experiencing the beauty of Ayrshire. Huge hills, lovely lochs, fabulous forests and beautiful beaches. Exhaustion guaranteed!

Cat Sitting

Home Vet Nurse can take care of your pet while you are away. This service is great for cats that prefer to be in their own home. I will provide 2 visits per day to change litter, feed, water, TLC. Any medication can be given also.

Stop relying on neighbours, friends and family.

Vet Nurse Consultations

Nail clipping, tick removal, express anal glands, wound checks, ear cleaning/plucking, wash/tidy up and administration of medication. All can be done within the comfort of your own home.

Nutrition consultation

Pets are living longer than ever these days thanks to advances in veterinary nutrition.

Home Vet Nurse is able to advise on all nutritional aspects of your pets needs from puppy/ kitten to geriatric. How to keep your pet in best condition through a body score system and how to maintain their optimum weight. Advice will be given on the correct food choice, treat choice and feeding methods.

The nutrition consultation will take 30 mins and you will receive a personalised plan.

Dental consultation

Keep your pets teeth and gums sparkling clean. Advice on how to maintain your pet's dental health. A check for gum recession, abscesses, tumours and broken teeth. Advice and demonstration on tooth brushing, mouth washing but not dental flossing! You will receive a personalised plan.

Behaviour Consultations

Home Vet Nurse offers behaviour consultations in your own home where I am able to observe your pet's behaviour within their familiar environment. Dogs can also be observed whilst out on a walk. You will learn how your pet thinks and this will help to improve your relationship with your pet. The consultation lasts up to 2 hours. You will receive a personalised plan.

Individual dog and puppy training is a great way to fast track your pets learning. Basic commands or tricks can be taught - yes you can teach your old dog new tricks!

I believe in kind, fair and effective methods of training. Pets will not feel forced or fearful.


Do you have a new puppy? Housetraining in the early stages can be difficult if you're working, so that's when Home Vet Nurse can help!

Home Vet Nurse can help with basic training and offer a tailor made puppy package that includes:

  • Use of control aids
  • Basic training commands
  • Advice on house training/ crate training
  • Advice on lead training & socialisation
  • Advice on nutrition
  • Parasite control

Cat Grooming

A new service to help reduce knots and matting. Rachael will carry out all grooming in the comfort of your own home - minimising stress for you and your pet. Prices from £15

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